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We offer 3 different plans to suit your needs.

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Plans and Pricing

Customized Premium Plan - I need Help

The Gold Plan is the most popular plan. At $28 / £21 / €24 / ₹1770 per month, you receive several incentives in addition to basic services.

Basic Plan - I want to try

The Basic Plan starts from as low as $19 / £14 / €16 / ₹1180 a month and is best suited for those with basic needs regarding property management. You can choose to upgrade at any time to other plans for additional services.

Gold Plan - I am serious

Select from a list of basic and premium services to create a customised plan that best suits your needs.

Due to the wide range of services we provide, prices will vary. Please contact us to get a quote.

* Pricing plan may vary based on property size and services subscribed

* Plans are based on yearly subscriptions

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Loved by Many

Our properties in Chennai were affected by a flood. We had many issues with maintenance, rental co-ordination etc. We couldn’t depend on old parents and busy friends. RelyBricks was a solution for us to manage our investments from a single professional connection. Gave us our time back and peace of mind.


I had to move to the US for work, leaving my properties empty and unattended. RelyBricks understood my requirements and are managing my properties efficiently. Clear communication and 100% available. Very professional and super value for money. Highly recommend.


About us

“We bought our first property few years ago and had to move abroad for work. Our property was left unattended and empty for months together at times, as we couldn’t find a reliable person to manage our property. 

We realized that there is a huge lack of trusted partners to manage properties efficiently. There had to be a better way for people like us so far away from our home to manage our assets in India. After a lot of Market research we created RelyBricks. Relybricks aims to solve this problem by being a trusted and reliable partner . 

We provide professional services to manage your property in India from the comfort of your home abroad. We offer digital solutions to help you manage your property needs online. We are homeowners ourselves and we understand how important it is to look after our asset. We bring in a wealth of experience and professional teams to support you, our valued clients.” 

                                                                                                                                                       – Creators of RelyBricks 

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